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Project Progresses and Tasks

The SAIT SPA Surgical Robot

  • Overall arrangement of the whole system.
    • focus: aline direction, tool fast change
    • assigned to:Jiangran Zhao
    • planned progress: new version for next meeting
  • Actuation strategy for gripper and needle
    • focus: gear belt
    • assigned to: Jiangran Zhao
    • planned progress: new version for next meeting
  • Bellow experiment
    • focus: manufacture ( Bin Jiang)experiment after manufacture
    • assigned to: Minxiao Fu & Jiangran Zhao
    • planned progress: Keep colse contact with the factories.
  • Hybrid continuum manufacture and experiment
    • focus: experiment
    • assigned to: Minxiao Fu
    • planned progress: Design a simple testbed for this experiment.
  • Control of the one-segment continuum arm
    • focus: xpc coding
    • assigned to: Minxiao Fu
    • planned progress: new version for next meeting
  • Vision Unit
    • focus: design and manufacture
    • assigned to: Xidian Zheng
    • planned progress:new version for next meeting
  • RCM design
    • focus: ask Dai for his arrangements
    • assigned to: Jiangran Zhao & Zhengchen Dai
    • planned progress:-

The Endoscopic Surgical Robot

  • Validate the concept of shape-locking


  • Develop the actuation device to improve the driving capability
  • Help Dong with the experiments of the one-segment exoskeleton

The Prosthetic Hand

  • 阶段总结(账目);
  • 齿轮链回差测量(新/旧);
  • 驱动轮系/行星轮系输出误差测量;
  • 重新修改手指关节不完美的地方,粘合手指关节套筒,齿轮等,尽量实现统一化标准化。
  • 实现电机驱动(学习XPC控制,设计并组装电机驱动装置);
  • 算法重新优化,尽量使得输出角度向转球靠拢;
  • 如有可能,开拓其他抓取动作;

Intracavity Inspection Arm

  • Kinematics modeling of the intracavity inspection arm with the configuration of 4*2+1:
    • Jacobian derivation
    • Inverse kinematics using updating potential fields
    • Matlab simulation
  • Compare to the 3*3 configuration
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