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Introduction to robotics

This is an undergraduate level course intended to introduce students to Robotics. The course covers major fundamental aspects of robotics, including spatial motion of rigid bodies, kinematics and instantaneous kinematics, motion planning, statics and dynamics, control of robotic systems, robotic vision, nonholonomic systems, etc. In addition, introductory lectures on sensing and actuation technologies and advanced robotics topics will also be given in class.

By the end of this course, students should be able to independently present a comprehensive analysis for an existing robotic system, including the geometry, kinematics, differential kinematics, dynamics, control and motion planning. This course prepares undergraduate students for their future pursuit in robotics and many other related disciplines.

Fall 2009

In this term, students were asked to reproduce simulations of published papers. Selected demos can be viewed below.

Ocular Surgery: Radial Keratotomy Three-Finger Grasping and Manipulation Ocular Surgery: Eyeball Manipulation
A Dexterous Ball Joint Wrist Double Screwed Drive Mechanisms on a Stanford Manipulator
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