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  • Rii lab focuses on transformative robotics research for healthcare practices and services, seeking advances in interdisciplinary subjects. With these advances found, Rii lab hopes to make its contributions in reshaping traditional research in these related fields.
  • Rii实验室致力于面向医疗卫生和娱乐服务领域的革新性机器人应用研究。希望经过不懈努力所能取得的成果,在引领传统医疗和服务行业的变革中能为提升中国研发的声望尽一份自己的力量。

Medical and Healthcare Robotics / 机器人辅助医疗

  • Medical robotics is more than simplely implementing robots in medical practices. It also includes an important part about information management which helps surgeons with preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative information to control a robotic medical or surgical assistant to perform optimized, monitored and precise operations.
  • 机器人辅助医疗不仅仅是在医疗实践中使用机器人;其很重要的一个部分是信息管理,通过多种手段向医生全面显示术前、术中和术后的种种信息,然后再由医生操控医疗手术机器人,来完成经过优化的、全面监控的和精密准确的治疗步骤。

Service Robotics

  • Humanoid Robots
  • A Mobile Platform using Switish wheels.
  • A Biologically Inspired Robotic Vision System
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