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Note bulb.png Rii lab focuses on transformative robotics research for innovative applications in medicine, service and industry, seeking advances in interdisciplinary subjects. With these advances found, Rii lab hopes to make its contributions in reshaping traditional practices in these related fields.
Note bulb.png Rii实验室致力于面向医疗卫生、娱乐服务和新兴工业领域的革新性机器人应用研究。希望通过自身不懈努力,能在医疗、服务和工业领域的产业变革中为提升中国研发的声望尽一份自己的力量。

Medical Robots / 机器人辅助医疗

Note bulb.png Medical robotics is more than simplely implementing robots in medical practices. It also includes an important part about information management which helps doctors (surgeons and physicians) with operative and therapeutic information to control a robotic medical or surgical assistant to perform optimized, monitored and precise therapies and operations.
Note bulb.png 机器人辅助医疗不仅仅是在医疗实践中使用机器人;其很重要的一个部分是信息管理,通过多种手段向医生全面显示手术或相关治疗过程的种种信息,然后再由医生操控医疗机器人,来完成经过优化的、全面监控的和精密准确的治疗步骤。

Ongoing projects:

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Service Robots / 服务机器人

Note bulb.png Service and domestic robotics is about having robots help and interact with human in a daily-life environment, even integrated into smart homes with internet connectivities. Revolutions occured and business giants were created when every family got a car or got a computer, so does Rii lab hope for a robot.
Note bulb.png 服务机器人能在居家环境中帮助人们起居、改善人们生活,甚至能连接物联网和智能房屋来实现更好的服务。历史上,当每个家庭开始拥有汽车、开始拥有电脑的时候,都催化了产业革命、缔造了行业巨擘。Rii实验室相信同样的产业变革也会出现在当每个家庭开始拥有一个机器人的不远的将来。

Ongoing and past projects:

Emerging Indutrial Robots / 新兴工业机器人

Note bulb.png Industrial robots have prevailed in many industrial sectors and dramatically increased productivity. However, there are still many scenarios that the existing industrial robots cannot automate the desired operations, such as intra-cavity inspection and manipulation in the aerospace and the automobile industries. Rii lab designs and builds innovative non-traditional robots to meet these dynamic emerging needs.
Note bulb.png 工业机器人在多个工业行业的普遍应用大大提高了社会生产力。然而,现存的工业机器人仍在相当一些工业场合无法实现各种操控的自动化,诸如在航空和汽车工业中的深腔内(机翼内、发动机仓内)检测和操作。Rii实验室设计、建造非传统的新兴机器人来满足这些日新月异的工业自动化需求。

Ongoing projects:

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